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About Us

Peter Thomas doing a school presentation from the adventures of billy bee childrens book series
- Peter Thomas, Author -

Peter discovered Billy Bee in 1991 and since then has spread the adventures world wide. His first school presentation was in 1993 and over the past 25+ years has appeared in front of hundreds of teachers and thousands of students refining his stories and presentations to the amazing adventures that are now available today!

Peter's goal for the Billy Bee series is to give children a very positive, entertaining, experience that will leave a good, lasting impression!


- John Mahomet, Illustrator -

John has worked with Disney, Looney Tunes, Hanna Barbera and other licensed characters. He has worked for over 35 years as t-shirt designer and over 50 years as a cartoonist. He also very fond of Whales and Dragons, quiet giants until provoked! John is over 69, a Vietnam war era veteran, and now retired,.

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