Colors of Love Bedtime story about love kindness and the power of true friendship. A beutiful Rhyming Childrens story

Special Collectors Edition Available

This volume, Colors of Love is all part of the first edition run that was printed back in 1999. Because of an oversite, approximately 1400 are now available! They are all untouched, brand new and still in the shipping cases. They are 9 x 12 hardcover with over 48 pages of incredible illustrations along with a beautiful story line that will be enjoyed every time it is read. They retail for $19.95 but to welcome you into our readers club we will be discounting them 40% off to $11.95. We will cover the cost of basic shipping anywhere in the continental US. That’s an awesome deal for an incredible story that won’t last long! So, order one now, while they’re still available!

  • Book Description

    In this bestselling children's book, join the adventure with Billy Bee in Colors of Love, a wonderful part of  “The Adventures of Billy Bee” children's picture book series!
    After Billy falls asleep on top of a leaf he drifts far away downstream and wakes up in the magical land of Rainbow Light! There he meets Jolly Jillie and she reveals to him what the real treasure is at the end of every rainbow. Billy discovers its far more precious than gold and so much easier to find! The whole family will enjoy this story ever time it is read! As a bedtime story or an after-school break, this will prove to be one of the most beautiful heartwarming children's stories on your list of timeless classics. The whole family will enjoy this adventure every time it is read!!

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