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Your story of Colors of Love, touched my heart and I think everyone in the world should read that story! It's incredible! I feel very lucky that my class was able to be a part of your presentation.

Thank You!  Thank You!

Lisa Steere 5th, Grade Teacher
Riddle Brooke School, Bedford, NH

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As a teacher and a first-time mom- to- be, it is important for me to select literature, which will teach my students to be better people. I look for books with good positive healthy messages, which will build them up and guide them in a positive direction. The public would benefit from reading  Billy Bee's Adventures!

Kim Stevens, 5th Grade Teacher, Revere MA

48 pages of a Heartwarming Adventure!
That you will never get tired of reading!

Hear a preview narrated by the author 

48 pages of Nail Biting Excitement!
And discover who the real winners are!

Billy discovers being a real winner means more than catching the winning pass !

Hear a preview narrated by the author 

Thank you for inspiring the children. After reading your books, I have taught my children many valuable lessons through Billy Bee, especially through, "Winning." The children are absolutely hooked on Billy Bee and all of his friends. Continue to enforce a positive message to the children because they love it.

Melissa DeSimone

Venerini Academy

Billy gets lost and quickly
 discovers, there really is
 No Place Like Home

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Dear Mr. Thomas my students were as charmed as I was by your stories. I loved your "straight-from-the-heart," beautifully simple (though powerful) messages. I think it's great when kids of all ages (and I do mean all ages) can walk away feeling that their very own possibilities are endless! Your works are a wonderful blend of talent, goodness and optimism! Sincerely:

Donna Amato, 3rd Grade Teacher,
Fred C. Underhill, Hooksett, NH

Everyone Loves a Good Story!
Watch the video and see for yourself!


As a teacher, I found your books to be very well rounded and educational. The lessons taught in these books can be used with any age and are everyday lessons. Thank you for writing such powerful stories with great lessons and illustrations. We can't wait to read about Billy Bee's next adventure

Mrs. Christine Nagle., St. Michael School,  North Andover, MA

All of our children, Kindergarten through fith grade and thier parents, were enthralled with your reading of Billy Bee's Adventures! Your stories are positive and appropriate for all ages. Thank you for giving us a part of your life and we look forward to seeing you again!
We are true Beeeelievers!

George Paul, Principal
Louise Davy Trahan, Billerica, Ma 

My children have been reciting over and over the words 'A BIZZ, A BUZZ, A BEEZ, A BAMM - I'M BILLY BEE, I AM, I AM! I CAN DO ANYTHING - I KNOW I CAN CAUSE I'M BILLY BEE, I AM, I AM!" The repetition of these words throughout the story adds to the memorization of the children and at the kindergarten level this is very important. It helps them learn in a simple way, a way that they will remember.

Kimberly Havens, Kindergarten Teacher, Revere, MA